Accident Claims Privacy Policy

We will treat all personal information collected from our Website with the strictest of confidence, and will only be disclosed where we are required to by law or to comply with legal process.  The information provided will be used to allow us to consider the potential claim that you have enquired about through our website, and to progress your claim should you choose to use our services.  We may add your details to you internal database.  The details gathered will not be used to contact you other than in relation to your enquiry and the services that we provide to you as a result.  Please note that we will share your information with Frazer Coogans LLP. Your information will be retained in terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.  You have the right to know what information we hold about you or to have this deleted from our database.  Should wish to utilise either of these rights, please contact us.

We cannot guarantee that e-mails sent by either you or us will be received, or that the content of those e-mails will remain secure during or following transfer.  If you have concerns regarding e-mail security, we would be happy to discuss our enquiry by phone or post.

Frazer Coogans Ltd employs third party suppliers to provide services including utilising the services of a credit reference agency (