Accident Claims Case Studies and Testimonials

Manual Labourer Crushes Hand at Work

Mar 12, 2013

Our client Paul Robinson received compensation after he sustained a crush injury to his hand at work.  His job involved the manual lifting of heavy television tubes from.  While lifting one of the old tubes, it slipped from his grasp trapping his hand between the tube and another lying underneath. 


Despite liability initially being denied, Ross Slater at continued to press the claim for the injury at work.  We were successful in persuading the insurers of the breach of the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992.    Mr Robinson had been asked to work alone, when the training provided had indicated that 2 people should lift these items.


Mr Robinson suffered a tear to the tendon on the ring finger of his right hand, and continues to experience some pain and discomfort.  He received £6000 by way of compensation, and was delighted with the result.  “I never thought that I would be successful when the insurers denied that they were at fault,” he said.  “ did not give up though.  They spoke to my witnesses and arranged all the medical examinations.  I am very pleased with the result – much more than I hoped I would get.”