Accident Claims Case Studies and Testimonials

Sharp Braking Causes Injury to Carer

Jul 2, 2013

As the principal carer for her husband, Mary Donnachie was very worried when she was injured in a road traffic accident.  She had been sitting opposite a friend on a bus when the driver braked sharply for no reason.  As a result she was thrown forwards, colliding with the metal pole situated directly in front of her.


Mary instructed Ross Slater of to handle her claim for her.  The bus company were initially reluctant to deal with the matter, but were persuaded to admitted liability after a brief negotiation.


She sustained soft tissue injuries – more commonly known as a whiplash type injury – in the accident, and had to see her GP.  More worrying for Mary was the effect this was to have upon her ability to look after her husband.  She has been the principal carer for her husband for over 15 years, and found that the injury restricted the help that was able to give him.  Fortunately, her sons have been able to provide the cover for her while she got better.


The medical evidence confirmed that Mary had suffered from the effects of her injury for 3 months, and that her ability to care for her husband was impacted for this time.  Her claim ultimately settled in the sum of £2250, with about a third of this reflecting the additional assistance that her sons needed to give while she recovered.


“I was really worried about how I was going to cope with my caring duties, but my sons were great,” commented Mary.  “When told me that I could get compensation to for the help I needed, I was thrilled.”