Accident Claims Case Studies and Testimonials

Cyclist Knocked from Bike in Cycle Lane

Apr 16, 2013

As Dave Calderwood was cycling along a main street, the last thing he expected was for a car coming from the opposite direction to pull across his path.  Despite braking as hard as he could, he was unable to avoid the road traffic collision, and hit the car. He was thrown from his bike, sustaining various soft tissue injuries, and having his bicycle damaged beyond repair.


Dave asked to help him with his accident injury compensation claim.  Stacey Carey intimated a claim to the third party insurers.  Despite admitting primary liability for the road traffic accident, the insurers attempted to blame the cyclist for failing to wear reflective clothing in broad daylight in a cycle lane!  Dave was forced to raise court action to clear his name.


With the threat of a full court hearing looming, the solicitors for the driver quickly admitted full liability, and valuation negotiations were able to start properly.  After a number of offers were rejected, the defender was persuaded to make an offer of £3,050, including the full replacement value of the bike.


“I am very pleased that I am no longer being blamed for this accident,” Dave said. “ remained firm in their advice about the fault for my bicycle accident.”